Afghan Association Paiwand

Employability Programme Manager

Job Description


Basic Details

Job Title:                              Employability Programme Manager

Contract length:               1 year with opportunity to extend

Hours:                                   25 hours per week,

Salary:                                   £20,500 per annum (including Employer’s NI and Pension


Working Hours:                 4 days per week

Reports to:                          Family Services Manager

Responsible for:               ‘Future First’ Employability Programme

Location:                              Paiwand office and outreach locations



Afghan Association Paiwand (Paiwand) is a registered charity and limited company founded in 2002. Paiwand’s aims are to benefit the refugee and migrant communities in the United Kingdom through reducing poverty, advancing education, and relieving suffering through a number of services including advocacy, social support, accommodation and others. It currently assists 2000 beneficiaries each year throughout north London.


Aims of the post

Paiwand wishes to improve the lives and prospects of newly-arrived unaccompanied minors, refugees and asylum seekers, aged 17-24, including care-leavers and those housed in semi-independent accommodation. The young people will be from all communities and of both genders. They face numerous issues in adapting to life in the UK and building a future for themselves. These issues include language barriers and cultural differences, poor understanding of the system, lack of friends and family support, vulnerability to negative influences such as gangs and drugs, and bullying at school.


The aim of this three-year project is to help young people overcome these issues through the provision of an employability-focused scheme called Future First. Our second year of funding starts in July 2017. There are three elements to the pathway called Future Preparation, Future Enhanced, and Future Unleashed. All of the young people will start at the Future Preparation stage, move onto Future Enhanced, and transfer to Future Unleashed, as described below:


  • Future Preparation (2-3 months). This element is an initial preparation stage designed to provide disadvantaged young people with the basic skills needed to find work. This includes one to one advice over 8 sessions from a  volunteer Pathway Adviser as well as various other services designed to meet their holistic needs. The young people accessing this service will have various needs such as poor English language skills so this element does not try to shoehorn these young people into work experience but provides a wider suite of pre-employment support.
  • Future Enhanced (6-12 months). This element focuses on providing work experience and accredited qualifications for young refugees who lack these. A wide variety of work experience will be provided; this includes an accredited 12 month catering and hospitality course at our social enterprise but also other volunteering opportunities such as administrative experience in Paiwand or working in other charity’s retail shops for example.
  • Future Unleashed (6-12 months). After the young people have completed the Future Enhanced course, this element provides job search and other services such as interview preparation. It aims to help people into work and ensures that they are still supported on an ongoing basis until they actually enter employment.


Job Description

Based on the expertise/skills, interest, time and availability, the Programme Manager will be responsible for the following activities/tasks:

  • Providing each client with a holistic needs assessment and support plan
  • Recruiting, training and supervising 10 volunteer Pathway Advisers per year to deliver one-to-one employment support sessions to 20 young people each year
  • Supplying volunteering opportunities in conjunction with local charities
  • Supporting clients with Job search facilities, CV writing, application form completion, and interview practice.
  • Arranging ‘Insight Tours’ of community partners and local businesses.
  • Organising three enterprise talks and workshops led by Community Role Models, who are successful members of the refugee community.
  • Connecting young people with external leadership opportunities including training, youth leadership awards, or youth parliament.
  • Linking with internal Paiwand activities such as our Social Enterprise and supporting the young people on that programme with employment support.
  • Build and maintain links with external organisations such as Job Centre Plus, local employment organisations, employers, temping agencies, colleges etc.
  • Maintain accurate records of client details in accordancewith Paiwand’s monitoring systems.
  • Participate in the collection of data for monitoring andevaluation of Paiwand’s services.
  • To work in accordance with Afghan Association Paiwand’s policiesand procedures, including the confidentiality policy, health and safety policy and related guidelines.
  • Undertake other activities as reasonably requested by line managers.


Person Specification

Essential Skills and Experience:

  • Experience working with and supporting clients undergoing emotional hardship, psychological distress
  • Experience of working with refugees and newly arrived migrants (e.g. mentoring or advocacy)
  • Experience of supporting clients into employment
  • Experience managing volunteers
  • University Degree in Social sciences or other related field.
  • Willingness to complete the relevant training.
  • Ability to receive and communicate information effectively, both verbally and in written format.
  • Ability to work flexibly as an individual and team member.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Awareness and sensitivity to diverse cultural, social norms.
  • Ability to follow policies and procedures.
  • Ability to work without direct supervision.
  • Understanding of and commitment to anti discriminatory practices.
  • Ability to develop and maintain good relation with staff and stakeholders.
  • Ability to operate administrative systems.


Desirable Skills and Experience:

  • Ability to speak any one of the following languages: Arabic, Dari/Farsi, Pashtu, Somali.

Please contact Family Services Manager Kate Duffy for an application pack on or 020 8905 8770. Deadline for applications is 1pm on 26th June.


Afghan Association Paiwand

Saturday Schools

Job Description: Cluster Manager


Job Title:                  Saturday School Cluster Manager


Purpose:                   The Cluster Manager should be able to demonstrate the ability to develop a shared vision, which inspires and motivates pupils, staff and all other members of the Saturday school community. This vision should include core educational values, moral purpose and be inclusive of all stakeholders’ beliefs and values.


Reporting to:            Education Service Manager, Director and Steering Group


Responsible for:     The provision of a full learning experience and support for students.


Liaising with:           Teachers/Parents and carers/partner schools


Working Time:         16 hrs/week (4hrs on Monday, 4hrs on Friday and 8hrs on Saturday).


Salary/Grade:           £26,262 Full Time Equivalent


MAIN DUTIES                                   

Leading and Managing Teachers and volunteers   

To lead, motivate, support, challenge and develop staff to secure improvement:

  • To maximise the contribution of staff to improve the quality of education provided and standards achieved and ensure that constructive working relationships are formed between staff and young people
  • To work with mainstream schools to enable the formal discussion of strategic and operational issues and to develop the teaching ability of community teachers and volunteers
  • Provide and assist teachers with educational materials, and up dated hand books
  • Supervise Community Teachers and volunteers
  • Attend supervision sessions with the Service Manager


Efficient deployment of resources

  • To manage and organise education efficiently and effectively, to ensure that it meets the needs of the curriculum and health and safety regulations
  • To make arrangements, if so required, for the security and effective supervision of the school buildings, contents and grounds, ensuring that any lack of maintenance is reported to the maintaining authority
  • To undertake responsibilities as defined in the Health and Safety Policy of the organisation
  • To manage, monitor and review the range, quality, quantity and use of all available resources in order to improve the quality of education, improve pupils’ achievements and ensure efficiency



 To be accountable for the efficiency and effectiveness of the school, including pupils, parents, staff, and the community:

  • To provide information, objective advice and support to the Education Service Manager and the Steering Group to meet their responsibilities for securing effective teaching and learning and improved standards of achievement.
  • To create and develop an organisation in which all staff and volunteers recognise that they are accountable for the success of the Saturday school
  • To present a coherent and accurate account of the Saturday school’s progress
  • To ensure that parents and young people are well-informed about the curriculum, attainment and progress
  • To provide information about the work and performance of Community Teachers and volunteers
  • To provide weekly attendance and termly progress report to partner schools and Education Service Manager


Strengthening the Community

  • To create and promote positive strategies for challenging racial and other prejudice and dealing with harassment
  • To co-operate and work with relevant agencies to protect children
  • To ensure that the school promotes effective links with the community
  • Provide support to children and their parents/guardians/carers in terms of poor attendance


Management and Responsibilities

  • Ensure a level of discipline conducive to learning
  • To maintain discipline in accordance with the Saturday school’s procedures, and to encourage good practice with regard to punctuality, behaviour, and standards of work
  • Managing pupil behaviour in the classroom and on premises, and applying appropriate and effective measures in cases of misbehaviour
  • Ensuring that young people treat the course premises with respect, that all teaching and leisure activity resources are properly cared for and that their issue and return is monitored
  • Checking young people’s feedback and acting on any relevant points related to the feedback
  • Awareness of child protection legislation, health and safety legislation and equal opportunity legislation
  • Assisting with any emergency situations which might arise within the Saturday School
  • To safeguard health and safety.


Management of Resources

  • To contribute to the process of the ordering and allocation of equipment and materials.
  • To assist the Service Manager to identify resource needs and to contribute to the efficient/effective use of physical resources.
  • To co-operate with other staff to ensure a sharing and effective usage of resources to the benefit of the Saturday school and the students.


Other Specific Duties

  • To play a full part in the life of the school community, to support its distinctive mission and ethos and to encourage staff and students to follow this example.
  • To promote actively the school’s corporate policies.
  • To continue personal development as agreed.
  • To comply with the Saturday school’s health and safety policy and undertake risk assessments as appropriate.
  • To comply with the Saturday school’s child protection policy and follow the procedure for reporting.


Whilst every effort has been made to explain the main duties and responsibilities of the post, each individual task undertaken may not be identified.

Employees will be expected to comply with any reasonable request from the Service Manager and the Steering Group to undertake work of a similar level that is not specified in this job description.

Employees and volunteers are expected to be courteous to colleagues and provide a welcoming environment to visitors and parents.

The school will endeavour to make any necessary reasonable adjustments to the job and the working environment to enable access to employment opportunities for disabled job applicants or continued employment for any employee who develops a disabling condition.


This job description is current at the date shown, but following consultation with you, may be changed by the Steering Group to reflect or anticipate changes in the job which are commensurate with the salary and job title.
Person Specification


Knowledge and experience:


1.   Experience of working closely with students and families from BMER communities

2.    Experience working in an education context

3.    Good background knowledge of the needs of young people from BMER communities, especially underachieving children.

4.    Applied knowledge and understanding of the values and principles underpinning service user involvement.

5.    Theoretical and applied knowledge and understanding of the current legislative framework and procedural guidance relating to the work with children and families

6.    Applied knowledge of national and local Narrowing the Gap Agenda

7.    Applied knowledge of theory and practice of providing effectively for the individual needs of all children.



Teaching qualification

Skills and Abilities:


1.    Proven ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing to a range of audiences including children, young people, parents and carers and professional colleagues.

2.    Proven ability to plan and prioritise workload within a flexible work environment.

3.    Proven ability to analyse information to determine and plan interventions and decide a course of action with regular supervision

4.    Ability to relate effectively to asylum seeking and refugee young people many of whom may have suffered traumatic experiences.

5.     Ability to supervise, support and facilitate the work of community teachers and volunteers.

6.    Ability to create a happy, challenging and effective learning environment.

7.    Ability to use computer system and information databases as appropriate and undertake such training as is required



To hold current UK driving license

Promote the school’s aims positively, and use effective strategies to monitor motivation and morale.


Personal qualities:


1.    Enthusiasm & a positive outlook.

2.    The ability to work independently and collaboratively as a member of a team.

3.    Creative in problem solving together with willingness to take on or try new approaches & ideas.

4.    Reliability & integrity.

5.    Good personal organisation and time management.

6.    Resourceful.

7.    Ability to work flexible hours

8.    A positive attitude towards professional development and their own learning.




To apply for this role please email Paiwand’s Education Services Manager Emily Beckwith on or call on 02089058770.




 Volunteer Mentor

We are looking for volunteer mentors to work on a one-to-one basis with vulnerable young refugees, asylum seekers and unaccompanied minors, aged 11-18 years old, in Northwest London (Harrow, Brent, Barnet). The large refugee communities residing in these boroughs point to a clear need to address the well-being of the young members of these communities. The Project aims to support, encourage and productively challenge young people to define and work towards their personal goals. The role will give volunteers an opportunity to become trained as mentors, and to gain experience working with young refugees with complex needs.


  • To be passionate and motivated to improve the lives of vulnerable young refugees in Northwest London;
  • Excellent listening skills;
  • Experience of working with young children is an advantage, but not necessary;
  • Volunteers should be able to travel to and meet at Paiwand’s office in Harrow and other areas of North West London;
  • Commitment to weekly meetings for minimum 6 months;
  • Full training will be provided. Attendance is compulsory to complete the recruitment process.
  • The role is subject to enhanced DBS disclosure.


For more information

Please contact Georgie Bricknell, Youth Project Manager on 02089058770 or at



For volunteering opportunities with our various projects, please click here.