• 17/05/2022 0 Comments

    This year's Mental Health Awareness Week focused on the growing issue of loneliness. Asylum seekers and refugees are especially vulnerable to social isolation - and the effects are devastating. How can we help?

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  • 09/05/2022 - Zara Tehal 0 Comments
    A world hunger crisis is slowly materialising... how can we help?

    Hunger crises are an inevitable consequence of conflict. Countries like Afghanistan have been subject to war for so many years now; people’s access to food and supplies has recently decreased even more as a result of the war in Ukraine. Right now, 95% of people in Afghanistan are not getting enough to eat; rates of severe malnutrition are skyrocketing and children are starving to death.  

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  • 04/05/2022 - Asad Jamil 0 Comments
    News summary - April 2022

    The Nationality and Borders Act passed in Parliament, while reports emerged of child refugees facing hunger and neglect in UK accommodation. Catch up on current events in Asad's news recap.



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  • 28/04/2022 - Zara Tehal 0 Comments
    A Brief History of the War in Afghanistan 

    The war in Afghanistan has transcended almost 20 years now.

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  • 20/04/2022 - Manon Royet 0 Comments
    Persian New Year: Afghan Refugees’ First Celebration in the UK

    Nowruz would have certainly looked very different in Afghanistan, where people usually celebrate in an intimate setting, with their families. But this first celebration in the UK remained a moment of communal closeness and homage to a shared culture and self-understanding. The refugees summoned an incredible sense of resilience and managed to enjoy the festivities despite the traumatism of being separated from their homes and families.



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  • 12/04/2022 0 Comments
    Your Child and Their Culture - online workshop

    In the final workshop of our partner charity HeadsUp Harrow Parent and Carer series, Paiwand’s mental health counsellor Ramzia Akbari opened up a discussion around the important topic of culture in children’s lives.


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  • 07/04/2022 - Zara Tehal 0 Comments
    The Perseverance and Stoic Nature of Afghan Refugees

    What Afghan refugees are forced to endure, the violence they have witnessed and live amongst, and the hardships they tackle each day, is reflective of their strength. 

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  • News summary - March 2022
    04/04/2022 - Asad Jamil 0 Comments
    News summary - March 2022

    Stay on top of current events with conscise recaps put together by our volunteer, Asad Jamil.

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  • 28/03/2022 - Manon Royet 0 Comments
    A day at the bridging hotel in London – What it’s like for Zep

    Paiwand advocates and volunteers work in the hotels provided by the Government and Councils to support newly arrived persons in the UK. We are direct witnesses to the refugees’ new daily life in these temporary accommodations. This series of small articles depicts some of the refugees’ typical daily routine at a bridging hotel in central London. It recounts some of the different stories unfolding in this particular living environment.  

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  • "The link between Climate change and Migration"
    03/03/2022 0 Comments
    Afghanistan: a land facing many challenges

    Climate change is now a widespread emergency, but people living in "climate hotspots" or conflict zones are disproportionately affected. As the report of 2020 made by ActionAid, an international non-governmental organization, points out: 1,198,000 Afghans were internally displaced in 2019 because of climate disasters (Spink, 2020). 

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