Culturally Sensitive Counselling Services in North West London

Trust Afghan Association Paiwand Ltd to deliver free counselling services that respect and work with the cultural and linguistic needs of refugees and asylum seekers. Backed by more than 16 years’ experience of helping people in Edgware, London, and the surrounding areas, we aim to empower refugees and asylum seekers to deal with their psychological and emotional difficulties by seeking therapeutic services and support. Get in touch today to speak with our team.

Why Choose Therapy?

Some people prefer not to see a therapist because of feelings of mistrust, guilt, shame, or embarrassment about what has happened to them, but also due to the intensity of feelings when discussing their experiences.

As well as setting up a psycho-educational community to help people learn new skills and access support, we also provide talking therapies in Dari, Farsi, Pashtu, and English. This enables therapists to hold conversations in clients’ own languages wherever possible.

For referrals and other inquiries please contact Mental Health Advocacy Project Manager:

Ghulam Farooq:

Tel:      078476351734


Support Hubs



Harrow College,
Lowlands Road,
Harrow on the Hill,


Thursday Afternoon



Edgware Primary School,
Heming Road,
Harrow on the Hill,


Tuesday, 12:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Taking Care of Mental Health

Paying close attention to your cultural and linguistic needs, we provide sensitive counselling and therapeutic services.

Discuss Your Needs