Afghan Resettlement Emergency Funds

223,000 people displaced and in need of emergency assistance

The crisis unfolding in Afghanistan is tragic. You can help refugees rebuild shattered lives in safety here in the UK. 



Donate today and you could help provide life-changing services for regufees arriving in the UK who have lost everything.



• Mental Health Support to heal the trauma of losing everything.

• Youth Education, Activities and Services to support children with no family in the UK.

• Employment Assistance to restart lost careers and promote the skills that refugees bring.

• English Language and Integration Classes to help people flourish in their new communities. 

• Immigration guidance to help people navigate through the complex refugee system.

• Accomodation support for homeless refugees struggling to survive with nothing.



• Staying connected - £5 could top up phone data, so a refugee can try to contact their family or join an online employment workshop.

• Being understood - £25 could pay for an hour with an interpreter, so a refugee can express themselves fully and get the services that they require.

• Basic supplies - £25 could provide essential toiletries for those who desperately need it

• Supporting mothers - £25 could provide essential supplies for babies, such as nappies and dry baby milk 

• Finding their way - £30 could provide an hour of specialist advice for someone navigating the complex asylum system.

• Trauma support - £50 could pay for an hour of therapy, to help a refugee recover from trauma and grief.

About Us

Established in 2002, Afghan Association Paiwand Ltd is a community organisation and charity dedicated to helping refugees and asylum seekers in the UK. Serving both young people and adults, our dedicated volunteers provide vital advice and assistance for people in Edgware, London, and the surrounding areas. Whether you require our assistance or want to learn more about supporting our work, we’re happy to answer any enquiries you may have. Get in touch today for further information.

Question: “Is there a possibility to bring someone to the UK who hasn’t worked in the British army or had no work, but their life is in danger for personal reasons? Is there any chance for them to come here? Not a sibling or parents, but a nephew or niece with their family.”

Answer: "Her family members are not eligible under the current categories. However, she can register them with the British embassy in Kabul. It is possible that the government may produce further guidance on extended family members and include them in additional categories. For now just register them."

Question: “I don’t have a British passport, I have a Slovakian passport, but my husband is a British citizen, is there any possibility for me to bring someone here (UK), one of my brothers is a university student and he wants to come to the UK. My father used to work somewhere that had connections with Germany. Where must I apply?”

Answer: "She can sponsor her brother. But she must be specific as to what type of application she is looking at. Is it just a visit visa or any other type? For other types of visas, such as student visa, there are specific requirements that her brother must comply with."

Question: “Is there a plan in place to ensure that IDPs (Internally Displaced Person) receive the support they need as soon as they arrive?”

Answer: " The government will work with stakeholders, including delegated departments and local councils, to ensure that Afghans starting their lives in the UK and receive the support they need. All refugees in the UK have access to basic benefits and services to enable them to integrate with different elements of society, such as access to health care through the National Health Service and English language training for speakers of other languages ​​through the adult education budget (if unemployed and are looking for work). All refugees have immediate and unrestricted access to work. Unemployed refugees can receive employment support from the Ministry of Labor and Pensions. As part of our new immigration program, we are also developing a comprehensive support package, such as language training, skills development, and job opportunities, to help refugees rebuild their lives in the UK."

Question: “What is the British governments resettlement plan for Afghan refugees?”

Answer: " The Afghans most in need, including woman, girls and children, will be given priority in the UK due to their particular vulnrabilities. The resettlement plan in the first year will welcome 5,000 Afghan Citizens, which in the long term (5 years) will reach 20,000 people."

Question: “Are people coming to the UK through unusual immigrant routes, such as small boats, eligible to apply for the resettlement scheme?”

Answer: "The elegibility of the resettlement scheme is for those who are most vulnrable, iincluiding woman, girls and children. Those arriving in the UK via unsual and difficult routes can not apply for asyum. The British legal position is still that people should apply for asylum in the first safe country they reach and not risk their lives to cross the dangerous canal. We want to prevent people from putting themselves in the hands of criminal gangs and preventing human trafficking."

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