Community Advocacy Service

Gain valuable help and support with community advocacy services from Paiwand. Serving refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants across London, our Community Advocacy project aims to empower vulnerable individuals and their families to enhance their life chances and choices. Our service covers a variety of issues, including benefits, housing, employment, and translation needs. Get in touch today by emailing any enquiries to 


Empowering Individuals

At Paiwand, our team stand in solidarity and friendship with all refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants. Through our various advocacy projects and services, we uphold the following values, including:

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  • Holistic and Integrated Support

  • Person-Centred Empowerment

  • Equal Rights for All

  • Passion and Commitment about Individuals

What We Do

The Community Advocacy team provides free and accessible advocacy services in English, Dari, Pashto and Farsi including:

  • Confidential Information and Advice

  • One-to-One Casework in relation to Benefits, Housing, Employment, and Other Needs

  • Communication and Liaison with Local Authorities and Statutory Bodies

  • Assistance Writing Letters and Filling out Forms

Our Team

- Asya Tawqeer - Senior Community Advocate

- Abdul Latif Matin - S. Community Advocate

Advocacy for the Refugee Community

As specialists in refugee advocacy, we offer comprehensive community advocacy services.

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