Client Testimonials


Mental Health Clients' Testimonials

"I had some problem and still have them but in lesser extent. When I contacted the head of the Mental Health department, he arranged counselling for me with a mental health counsellor and an interpreter because I cannot speak English. I attended counselling for 3 and half months, more than 12 weeks, the knowledge and skills which I gained and implemented, helped me to feel better than the past and stopped me from harming myself. I used their all advices and will implemented them in future as well. I would like to thank all Paiwand staff."


“I really enjoyed the atmosphere created in the psychoeducational group. I liked that we were able to discuss, but that it was not forced, and I enjoyed the exercises which were really enlightening but again didn’t put anyone in the spotlight. I also appreciated the openness of the session – given the topic it was important that we heard the real stories and experiences as it made it less theoretical and much more real. Content was good, and I liked the use of activities”.    


"I have come a long way. I never thought that my life would change, and now I have hope and I feel optimistic about life for my family. I look forward to the day when I can guide and support others who may be in need of help."


"Thank you very much for your counselling and thank you very much for your help, and thank you for checking on me all the time because I feel better. Sometimes when I talk I feel better inside my mind. My headaches get relieved when I talk. My counsellor asked me the correct questions, the level of counselling was very good. Thank you Paiwand for helping people like me. "


"I’m happy with my life. I’m no longer angry with myself for feeling and thinking the way I did. I no longer blame myself – I started to accept it."


Immigration Advice Clients' Testimonials

"Paiwand's advice and help was so excellent. Thanks!"


"I really appreciate Mr Tokhi's great support regarding my citizenship application. He helped me through the whole process. Thank you so much."


"I'm so happy for Paiwand. They are good people, and they've helped me so much. Thanks!"


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