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Afghan Association Paiwand Supplementary Education

Job Description:    Education Partnership Coordinator

Job Title:                  Partnership co-ordinator

Purpose:     Paiwand's Supplementary Education project aims to enhance the educational attainment of           disadvantaged children studying in Harrow and surrounding areas. This role's primary purpose is to develop a partnership strategy, to identify potential partnerships and inspire schools to partner with us in achieving that aim.

Reporting to:       Director

Liaising with:         Education project Manager/partner schools

Pay:                          £15 per hour

Contract;               Part-time (12 hours a week)

Period:                      7 months

The Partnership Coordinator will be mainly responsible for building a relationship with the existing partners to produce beneficial outcomes and work towards expanding the partnership. Identify potential partners through effective market research and analysis and develop proposals for future growth. Will be working closely with the project manager on partnership/project public outreach, press releases, public presentations, and publicity development of the project. To be able to liaise with mainstream schools to develop and secure continual partnership. To support the project manager in accounting for the efficiency and effectiveness of the school to all relevant stakeholders. To take responsibility for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of the children and young people in school.


· to design a step by step process/strategy for school partnerships. This will includes:
· setting criteria for identifying potential schools based on Paiwand’s aims and objectives
· create partnership agreements in consultation with the project manager
· research
· creating forms, email and letter templates for different stages of communication
· establish effective channels of communications with potential partners
· attend virtual and face to face meetings (post-lockdown)
· attend internal meetings

· write a monitoring and evaluation report for all activities carried out during the 7 months of this role including achievements and challenges.
· Any other task set by the management that is relevant to this project

Please note that, we will be monitoring the progress of this project regularly and may change the list of tasks accordingly.

Specific Skills and knowledge


A clear understanding of the essential qualities
necessary for effective teaching and learning        
Knowledge of principles of effective assessment for learning

Strategic thinking

People skills

Good negotiation and convincing skills

Research skills

Detail - oriented

Organisational skills

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Result - oriented


Knowledge of current safeguarding child protection 

An understanding of the refugee context

knowledge of assessment

For more information and application form please contact:  

Education Project Manager:
Raziya Zarrien
Tell: 07366 412640


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